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Natural, Crude, Australian Honey: Meluka Honey

 Organic honey from the world’s antiquated Tea Tree. All Meluka Nectar is gladly created on their ‘Jendale’ old development tea tree ranch, situated in the core of the unblemished Bungawalbyn Valley in Northern NSW. They take incredible pride in ensuring this special and shocking area which is home to a different bio-system of rainforest wetlands and the origin of their wild-created Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Trees. These exceptionally uncommon mother trees are over 1,000 years of age and one reason their flourishing bulk raw honey bees are creating nectar that is unrivaled in both taste and quality.  


All their raw honey is guaranteed as 100% natural by Australian Affirmed Natural, Australia’s biggest certifier for natural and biodynamic create, and by USDA Natural, the U.S. Bureau of Horticulture’s natural confirmation framework.  


All Meluka Nectar is created and sold as crude nectar. This implies it is unheated, unpasteurized and natural so it holds every one of the supplements and chemicals important for good wellbeing. Single Starting point All their nectar is delivered by honey bees gathering from one area, their old development Tea Tree manor, Jendale. To guarantee their whole sale bulk medicinal honey online remains reliable with the trustworthiness of the earth, their hives are never moved or transported.  


Scavenging from antiquated mother tea trees, their honey bees make nectar that indicates solid, prompt, against oxidant and continued enemy of microbial action which is coming specifically from the regular bio-dynamic properties of the Melaleuca Alternifolioa tea tree.  


Meluka Nectar’s items are created from solid honey bees scavenging from probably the most secured, cleanest and greenest local hedge on the planet.  

Today, their properties are situated in the core of this one of a kind area – the first origination of the Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree. Their point is to secure the uprightness of this dearest tea tree in its characteristic state, guaranteeing the creation of value and natural items offering the numerous advantages to the world.  

Their story 

Jendale’s ensured rainforest wetlands additionally include numerous antiquated tea tree ‘mother trees’. These great mother trees are so strong and ground-breaking they have lived to be a large number of years old and made a one of a kind home for their flourishing honey bees to deliver the best quality, natural nectar. Bryan Easson has been an enthusiastic and basic player in the tea tree industry for near four decades. Focused on looking into, delivering and securing this well established tree species, he is regarded to be an overseer of the wonderful and perfect wetlands that dwell at Jendale.  Manuka-Honey